Pupils Receive Top Coaching from Saracens Players

Senior 13-16
Posted on: December 9th 2021

U15 Saracens Rugby Coaching

On the evening of Monday 6th December, the Senior School had the first of their special sports coaching evenings for the U15 and U14 rugby swuads. Joined by Old Stortfordians, Tom Woolstencroft (PP,NH,01-08) and Cameron Boon (SH,RH,16-18), both of whom have played for England and Saracens RFU, it was a fitting end of season finale. 

Saracens Rugby Coaching Group in FLT

The evening began with a 45 minute question and answer session with both players contributing many thoughtful pearls of wisdom. Key pieces of advice included Tom’s method of recovering from career setbacks which was to focus on little achievable goals at a time; Cameron explained that in order to make it as a professional, you need to make what ever you are good at into a ‘super skill’ so focus on this. Both agreed that what was really important in life was to commit to your school team and playing with your friends, because these are some of their most treasured memories.

Saracens Rugby OS Coaching Saracens Rugby Coaching Scrum

This was followed by a 90 minute floodlit training session, with Cameron and Jack Petts (GH,SuH, 06-13) leading the U15s and Tom leading the U14s.  A number of the U15 players were then lucky enough to have an opportunity to board overnight and then to sample a special strength and conditioning session from Mr Hughes (Head of Strength and Conditioning) and his deputy Mr Stansfield at 7am.

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